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The body is an incredible machine; each individual organ, bone, and joint serves their unique system and contributes to the function and health of the body as a whole. When something is injured or misaligned, the form and function of this incredible machine can be affected. This is especially true for the spine; a compromised spine limits many major functions, including mobility, activity and stability. Pain from a spinal injury can cause headache, insomnia, fatigue, and can limit your overall performance in everyday life. Be it from an auto accident, injury, or overuse, a compromised spine can lead to a compromised life. This is where Lakeland Spine Center, your local chiropractor, can help.

Trained and licensed in chiropractic care, the doctors at the Lakeland Spine Center have served the Lakeland community for over 40 years. Our doctors are committed to improving your spinal health and as a result, enhancing your quality of life. Whole-body health is the driving goal of our chiropractic team; healing, not just pain management or symptom relief, is what our doctors will help you to achieve. Each case is as unique as each patient: we listen to you and your body, diagnose the causes of your pain, and begin a treatment plan by utilizing different alignment and adjustment techniques not only to ease your pain but to eliminate its source.

 At the Lakeland Spine Center, we want to bring you—the whole you—back into alignment and empower you to live an active, healthy, and pain-free life. Committed to excellence and customized care, we are proud to be your local chiropractor and to serve the Lakeland community.

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Lakeland Spine Center
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