Chiropractic Services

What Do Chiropractors Do

Picture of a doctor showing a patient their X-RayChiropractors are experts who treat and manage spinal health. These professionals use the case history of the patient along with other information and try to improve the functioning of the nervous system as well as restore the spine to its optimum functioning.

At Lakeland Spine Center, we use the latest non-invasive techniques to keep your spine healthy and help your body function perfectly. Our experts will ensure that you stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedures. Call Lakeland Spine Center to schedule your appointment today.

Your case history will help the chiropractor learn about any surgeries, accidents or injuries that may be affecting your overall health. He or she may also ask you to undergo certain X-rays, orthopedic or neurological tests. These test results, along with the case history, will help them understand the problems that may be related to your spine and any deficit in the functioning of the nervous system.

The Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment is not just beneficial for those who are suffering from immediate problems. This form of therapy is also great for people who suffer from chronic ailments like back problems as well as those who simply want to get healthier.

Back pain relief is one of the most important benefits of this practice. When a joint is adjusted properly, endorphins are released into the blood and this leads to a reduction in the pain that is experienced by people. Most of the pain in the body is caused by inflammation. Adjustments also help to increase the circulation of blood within the body and this can help to reduce inflammation and heal the body.

An increase in flexibility as well as an improvement in sports is also experienced by many patients who undergo chiropractic treatment. By stretching and strengthening your muscles during the treatment, you get more flexible and strong. This helps you perform better when you are playing sports or doing any physical activity. Most professional sportspeople visit chiropractors regularly since these professionals help them understand their body and tailor programs that will help them achieve the most from their body.

Chiropractic treatment also helps people sleep better and breathe better. When your muscles relax and the tension is removed from the joints, it is easier to rest and get better sleep. Breathing patterns also improve for people after chiropractic adjustments, helping them to breathe more easily when they are awake as well as when they are sleeping.

How Chiropractic Works

The basis of chiropractic treatment is that a properly functioning nervous system plays an essential part in good health. Any interference in the working of this system can irritate or impair its functioning. When the normal motion of the bones within the spinal column in disrupted, various organs in the body can be affected. Through chiropractic adjustments made to the spine, skull and pelvis, these interferences can be removed and the spine can be brought back to optimum functioning. This also leads to the proper working of the cells and organs in the body so that they can resist diseases and stay healthy.